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Step By Step is successful because of the tremendous generosity of our supporters and volunteers. We'd like to take a moment to recognize the following individuals who have gone above and beyond to help us achieve our mission. They truly are champions of our cause: to transform the lives of at-risk pregnant women so they will deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home.


Meet Our 2015 Champions of the Month:


Dr. David Crouch’s Orthodontist Office

Dr. David Crouch’s office set up a Giving Tree in their office, starting in November, to bring in gifts for some of our moms and their children. They donated a sleigh-full (aka completely filled two of our staff vehicles) of beautifully wrapped presents, for over 50 of our families! When they arrived at the office, we completely filled the kitchen area with gifts. The staff couldn’t stop gushing about them all day long. As we write this, all those gifts are getting loaded into different case manager’s vehicles, so they can hand deliver them to their client moms. Many of our families really struggle during the holidays, and these gifts are going to bring a lot of Christmas cheer! Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness!



Hydie Fenton

Hydie has become a familiar face around Step By Step. She does a little bit of everything! She helped us organize and prepare for our Christmas parties a few weeks ago, and she volunteered at the South party. She has sorted (and stacked!) thousands of diapers. She has helped prepare our quarterly newsletter, addressed envelopes, inventoried items, sorted baby clothes, and lots more. You name it, she’s probably helped with it! She has a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart. Thank you Hydie for being part of our Step By Step team!



Shanna and the Puyallup Food Bank

The Puyallup Food Bank has been an invaluable resource to us this year. Not only have we acquired a whole new respect for Shanna, the Executive Director-Master Forklift Driver-Super Woman, who runs the Puyallup Food Bank with some serious pizzaz, but they have helped us out in multiple ways this year. We were given snacks and drinks for our fundraising 5k, canned goods and food items for our moms, diapers, baby wipes, food items needed for our Christmas parties, and lots more. A few weeks ago, Shanna texted Cheryl that she had something special for her, and she gave us these beautiful chocolate covered fortune cookies for our Volunteer Leaders’ thank you gifts. Shanna, you continue to bless us and our families. Thank you for your support and encouragement!



Ministry Institute College Interns - from Puyallup Foursquare Church

We hit a new record for the most volunteers at our office at one time, when the interns from Puyallup Foursquare Church arrived to help. Over 90 showed up to volunteer! They arrived with a smile on their face and willing hearts to work, and work they did! They took on all sorts of different projects, from administrative work, to helping finish off the utensil rolling for our Christmas dinners (we need 1500 sets of utensils rolled!) to helping prep for our 5K, and even some office cleaning. Whatever we needed, they did,  and they even serenaded us with singing, as they worked. They are indeed a very special group of young people, and we are thankful that they decided to partner with us! We hear they may make a reappearance in the Spring, and we sure hope so! Thank you



Nancy Teodoro & Robbie Heath

These two ladies are affectionately called “the dynamic duo” around here at Step By Step. When they come and work together, we know that whatever they get done will be done with love, care and excellence, and in record time! We knew they were winners when they still came back after serving their first day. It was a record breaking hot summer day and our upstairs baby room was more than a little bit toasty! We joked that they got their “hot yoga” in for the day. They didn’t complain, and they are still going strong, helping out with anything that is needed. They are proof that you can make anything fun, when you are working together with a friend for a good cause!



The “Christmas in July Party” Team

This year, we started our first ever “Christmas in July Party” at Step By Step. A group of wonderful ladies volunteered to help us get a jumpstart on all the the prep work that needed to be done for our annual Christmas parties. We put on Christmas music, had Christmas cookies and snacks, and got to work doing inventory of all our supplies and rolling utensils for the Christmas dinner. These ladies know how to make a Christmas in July work party a lot of fun. Thank you Brenda Brewer, Mary Lindsley, Louanne Nilson, Breyale Rosand, Myrna Rosand, and Shelly Roberts! We appreciate you



Kayla Cushing

Kayla has started working with us here at Step By Step, sponsored through the Trillium organization. From bundling diaper stacks, to sorting baby clothes, putting together welcome home bags, and  assembling our informational folders, Kayla always works hard and always gets the job done while keeping that great smile on her face! Thank you Kayla for all of your help, we really appreciate you

Keller Williams


Keller Williams

Wow, that’s about all we can say about Keller Williams right now, just wow.  They graced the doors of Step By Step early on the morning of May 14th, for their Keller Williams “Red Day” - a designated time when Keller Williams gives of their time to help throughout their community.  We benefitted so much by their amazing volunteers who showed up to paint all of our offices. They transformed our space from pastel pink and lime green to something a little more neutral, and painted some beautiful accent walls with our signature Step By Step color.  It turned out great and we are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Several folks also helped us out by weeding flower beds, putting together welcome home bags for our moms, and running a multi-store diaper drive which brought in over 18,0000 diapers.  Thank you Keller Williams for all of your time and generous efforts. We are so thankful for your partnership with us!



Brenda Brewer

Brenda has become a huge favorite here at Step By Step.   She is acutely aware of what is needed (ie newborn sized diapers, beautifully wrapped in purple ribbon). She has delivered donated car seats, baby clothes, and lots more. Whenever we see white bags filled with diapers, we know that Brenda has been here! She also lent us her wonderful crafty talents, as she made several beautiful diaper cakes for our Mother’s Day event in May.  Brenda didn’t stop there, as she also brought along her daughter Julie and friend Patty Thomas to add to our volunteer team.  We are so thankful for her amazing generosity with her time, talents and treasures here at Step By Step. Thank you so much Brenda - you are truly making a difference in the lives of our Step By Step moms



Daffodil Princesses

Our day got just a little bit brighter, when 24 lovely Daffodil princesses showed up on our doorstep to help us with assembling Welcome Home bags for new moms. The Princesses formed a very long and very yellow assembly line and filled our bags with needed supplies for our moms and babies. They did it all with a smile and while dressed in their long yellow Daffodil formals and gloves. Now, that's talent!

They were also treated to some wonderful stories about the Van Lierop Bulb Farm from Mr. Neil Van Lierop, which included a tour of the site. We are very thankful for all of their help and for their hearts to serve at Step By Step. 


Northview Youth Group

Student Ministries director of Northview Community Church Brookes August has a lot to be proud of, as his youth group team of 6th - 12th graders brought in a total of 4, 914 diapers as a result of a diaper drive they held for Step By Step!

 Students were encouraged to donate the diapers out of their own money, and both the Jr High and High School groups combined to make it a huge success.


Northview Kiwanis

The Northshore Kiwanis club hosted a drive for Step By Step that brought in 18 bins of food, household supplies, and baby items. They also procured 7 grocery gift cards and over $400 in donations for Step By Step.

We’d like to say a special thank you to Adam Brown, Andrea McDaniel, and Sue Buske who headed up the event. 



Louanne Nilson

Louanne is a definite favorite here at Step By Step! She started volunteering with us in September and does everything we can think to ask her to do, from stuffing newsletters, to washing rocks for our centerpiece vases for an event, to putting together Welcome Home Bags for new moms. Whenever we have a special project or a deadline that needs to be met, chances are that Louanne will be here, helping us to get it done. Louanne always serves with a smile on her face and brings joy to our office whenever she is here.

Louanne, thank you for the many hours you have dedicated to Step By Step. You are an invaluable member of our team!

Meet Our 2014 Champions of the Month:

IMG_3542 copy.jpg


Sherri’s Cookies

 Not only did Sherri offer to make cookies for our kids’ Cookie Decorating station, for this past weekend’s South Christmas event, but she also made cookies for our volunteers! She made these AMAZING custom designed sugar cookies to help us thank the hundreds of volunteers at our South event that make this event possible for the families we serve. We were totally blown away, and these cookies tasted as good as they looked! Sherri, we can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness. These were wonderful!


Tacoma Rescue Mission

The Tacoma Rescue Mission has been providing the mashed potatoes for the dinner at our annual Christmas events for the last ten years! They donate potatoes to feed approximately 1,200 people! One of the churches that hosts this event does not have a kitchen, and providing this dinner would be significantly more difficult without the support of the Rescue Mission. Thank you so much for serving our families and helping us to make this event possible each year!

photo-3 copy.jpg


Puyallup PEO Group (Philanthropic Educational Organization)

 Puyallup's PEO group adopted Step by Step this Christmas season! In place of a gift exchange, they purchased and made items for our "Welcome Home Bags” for new moms. They donated lots of beautiful baby clothes, stuffed animals, diapers and wipes. Thank you so much!


Jim Woolace and Evidence Designs

Jim donated his graphic design skills to help us design the event t-shirt for this year’s fundraising 5k Walk/Run. He also donated his time as a professional photographer to cover the event and took some fantastic photos!


The Knotty Ladies, Fircrest Presbyterian & Redeemer Lutheran Church

The Knotty Ladies, who frequently donate handmade baby blankets to Step By Step, called our office to ask if they could include us in their churches’ weekend of service event. On Sunday evening, September 21st, Cheryl and Sarah from Step By Step were honored to receive not only a new donation of beautiful blankets, but also diapers, baby wipes, formula and baby food that the two churches had gathered to donate to us. Thank you for your heartfelt generosity and your continued support of Step By Step and the many moms and babies we serve!


Puyallup Food Bank

The Puyallup Food Bank has supported Step By Step in a number of different ways over the past few months, and we are so thankful for their partnership! They donated water and granola bars for our fundraising 5k Walk/Run, as well as candy and supplies for our upcoming Christmas Celebrations. They have also donated diapers and baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, toys, and other donation items that we are always in need of and struggle to maintain and provide for our most vulnerable moms and babies. Thank you!!!




4imprint is no ordinary promotional products company. We have loved working with them over the years.  They have gone above and beyond many times to help us find creative ways to get the word out about our services. We were recently a recipient of their One By One grant program and were awarded $500 in free promotional products! We used our grant to acquire these beautiful, custom designed canvas bags to use for our Welcome Home bags for new moms. These gifts mean a lot to our new moms and include educational materials, handmade items by donors, as well as baby items, diapers and wipes. These quality bags help make these gifts extra special for our new moms.

Umpqua Bank Volunteers


Umpqua Bank Volunteers

Umpqua bank employees have volunteered with us a number of times over the past few years. A new group joined us a few weeks ago to help assemble charts, address envelopes, and organize items to put together gift bags for new moms. These guys are amazing workers. They always complete the tasks we give them in record time! This visit, they also put together over 60 Welcome Home bags for new moms.

Rogers High School.jpg

Rogers High School Key Club

Rogers High School Key Club students surprised us with over 30 blankets that they made and donated for moms and their new babies


Sherry Meyer

 Sherry started volunteering with us a few months ago and has truly become a part of our office team. She comes in multiple times a week and has spent countless hours helping any way she can. She has sorted boxes of donations (mountains of them!), folded baby outfits, sorted diapers, addressed envelopes, assembled charts for our case managers, helped prepare our newsletter and mailings, created Welcome Home Bags for new moms, and lots more. Sherry is also leading a fundraising team for our 5k Walk/Run this Fall! She is fun to have around, and we really appreciate the invaluable time she dedicates on a consistent basis to help fill in the gaps, wherever she is needed.


Jeni Myhre

Jeni is a volunteer mentor who exceeds all expectations. She has a tremendous amount of compassion for the moms and babies we serve. Jeni is great at meeting moms wherever they are at and supporting them emotionally and socially, as they work towards their goals. She has visited with moms in their homes, played with their babies with them, helped with home organization, helped a mom get settled into her new place, but above all else she is simply a positive source of support and a friend. Jeni has a gift of encouragement and is good at helping moms to identify and use their strengths. She has also donated baby clothes and items, helped clean and transport donations, and much more to support Step By Step and the moms we serve.


Dora Leichsenring

Sometimes we receive unexpected blessings that just make our day. We had that kind of day when Dora showed up with 50 handmade blankets for new babies! These blankets are truly a labor of love and such a heartfelt gift that we are then able to provide as part of our Welcome Home gifts for our new moms. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who contributes baby items and diapers and blankets to make these gifts possible. And, thank you Dora for completely wowing us with your generosity and for making our day!


Ryan and Sandi Rehberg

Ryan and Sandi have been faithful volunteers and supporters of our annual fundraising dinner and auction event for years! This event takes a massive amount of time and effort to pull off and is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We can always count on Ryan and Sandi to jump in and help wherever needed. We so appreciate your support and willingness to volunteer your time and energy every year. And Ryan, thank you for being one of the most fun spotters ever! We honestly could not do this event without you both. Thank you!

Ryan is an Estate Planning Attorney & CEO of Rehberg Law Group www.rehberglaw.com

Dori Celestres

Dori has headed up our dessert auction for over 5 years! The dessert auction is always a fun element of this event, and Dori never fails to impress us with her ability to bring us fantastic and beautiful desserts. It is no small task to get some 15 desserts and cakes donated (and transported, no less!) to our auction each year. This year we had so many compliments on the uniqueness and beauty of our dessert display. Multiple event managers at Newcastle said it was one of the finest displays they have ever seen! Thank you Dori for taking on this big task and pulling it off year after year!


The Sween Family

One of Step By Step’s casemanagers, after visiting with Pat Sween for the first time, said she felt like she was meeting up with an old friend, not someone she had just met! Since then, Pat and her family (including her children and grandchildren!) have supported Step By Step in countless ways. She and her family have volunteered at our annual Christmas celebrations multiple years in a row. Her daughter has hosted many of our moms at monthly “diapers and donuts” meetings, which have been a great encouragement to the moms who attend. They have also attended our fundraising 5k and lots more! We are so thankful for their generosity and for being so supportive of our team and of the mothers we serve.

Meet Our 2013 Champions of the Month:

Pastor Rogers.jpg


Pastor Rogers and Lighthouse Christian Center

This is Roger’s 9th year promoting and organizing Step By Step’s Christmas Celebration in partnership with Lighthouse Christian Center.

Lighthouse provides over 300 volunteers from their community to make this event happen. They also help to provide gift cards and food bags for all of our clients.

Pastor Steve and Pam_Kara Garcia.png

Pastor Steve & Pam Michiels, Kara Garcia and Northview Community Church 

Steve & Pam headed up the North end Christmas Celebration, hosted at Northview Community Church. They have a huge heart for our moms and we are blessed to have their support! Kara Garcia, one of our veteran volunteers graciously stepped in and helped facilitate the event alongside them and their team of over 200 volunteers! This was Northview’s first year hosting the Christmas Celebrations and they took on this massive challenge and did a fantastic job!

Vera 1.png
Vera 2.png


Vera Cook

Vera Cook has faithfully donated handmade blankets and gifts for us to include in our Welcome Home packages for new moms over the past few years. These lovingly made gifts mean so much to our new moms and are a beautiful way to welcome their new babies home.

Apple Physical Therapy


Apple Physical Therapy, Bothell Clinic

Apple Physical Therapy manned our food and beverage station at our North end 5k Walk/Run! They donated some snacks and beverages and offered free injury screenings at the event. Their Bothell clinic specializes in women’s health and treating pregnant women, so they were a great fit and we were happy to have them there and grateful for all their help!



Eline Nelson

Eline is a CPA for World Vision and has volunteered her expertise on multiple occasions. Last year, she interviewed staff and board members and went over our financial records in order to develop a risk assessment for our organization.  This assessment helped us lay out some goals and strategies for the coming years. This year, she performed an informal internal audit of our books and reviewed our processes. We truly appreciate her expertise as we strive to operate at the highest level possible!



Karin Crane

Karin Crane has lead our partnership with Umpqua Bank, which has resulted in a team of 44 participating individuals and 156 volunteered hours over this past year! They have helped create our Welcome Home packages for new moms, helped out at our office, and held diaper drives that have brought in thousands of diapers and wipes for moms in need. This is also Karin’s 3rd year partnering with us for our 2013 South End Christmas Celebration. She is already collecting donations and items needed for the event.




Danielle Jorgensen

Journey Church hosted a fantastic community baby shower, and we were honored to be able to partner with them to help out and to provide a fun event that benefitted many of our Step By Step moms. Danielle did a great job coordinating this event!

Elizabeth Perrin.png


Elizabeth Perrin

(pictured: Sarah, our office manager and Elizabeth)
Elizabeth regularly spends time helping us out at the office, and she has also volunteered at our Christmas parties, sorting clothing and donations, helping put together Welcome Home Bags for new moms, and lots more! Thanks Elizabeth!

Pat Hamilton.png


Pat Hamilton  

(pictured: Krista, our founder & CEO and Pat)
Pat has volunteered for the past four years in Step By Step’s billing department. She researches unpaid First Steps billing and helps recoup funds. We appreciate her volunteer spirit and for helping us preserve resources! Pat also donates towards Step By Step’s scholarship fund. Thank you Pat!

Cascade Christian.png

Cascade Christian Junior High

Cascade Christian Junior High students came out to spend some time at our office volunteering! They helped us make charts, put together information packets for new moms, and create Welcome Home Bags. Thank you!



Fred Granados

Fred was our auctioneer this year at our March Dinner & Auction. He did a fantastic job, and went above and beyond to help us make this event a success! We so appreciate all of the time, effort, and resources he made available to us leading up to our big night. It was a great success, we loved working with him, and he made the night extra fun!

Aaron Russell

(not pictured) Aaron helped us create the client testimony video shown at our March Dinner & Auction. He donated countless hours, driving all over Western Washington to get interviews, provided his own equipment and staging, and much more! He created a beautiful story for us about Step By Step and some of the families we have been able to serve over the years.




Glen & Carrie Gesell

Glen & Carrie donated a beautiful Ford Explorer to our Motors 4 Moms program. We are so thankful for this generous donation!


Isabella_Diaper Drive_Lynwood Elementary.jpg



Isabella, 5th Grade President at Lynnwood Elementary, picked Step By Step for her Empathy Project. Together with her class, she held a diaper drive that brought in over 1,000 diapers!


Girl Scouts.jpeg

Girl Scout Troop #41609

Girl Scout Troop #41609 donated some of their cookie sale money to Step By Step. Every dollar counts, and we are honored that they picked us! We love seeing kids help other kids!

2012 Champions of the Month




Althea & Michael Sanders

Michael and Althea Sanders have been instrumental over the past years volunteering at the South Christmas celebration. Althea spent her first year just helping bag food. Now, she and Michael help oversee the entire event as well as the food bag production and distribution!


Loretta Trainor

Loretta Trainor helped coordinate and manage the North Christmas celebration. She oversaw the kitchen and volunteers that served Christmas dinner to our families. Serving over 500 in under 3 hours is no small task, and she did it with a smile! 




Keri Davis

Keri helped procure twenty turkeys that were donated to Step By Step. The turkeys were used to create much needed Thanksgiving food packages and gifts for some of our Step By Step families. We are grateful for Keri’s support and excited about this new partnership with our organization!

Roy Dintelman.jpg


Roy Dintelman

Roy Dintelman is an ongoing supporter of Step By Step. He has not only managed our database and billing system for over 15 years, but he also provides Audio Visual equipment and management for many of our events!

He recently ran music and sound for our 5k Walk/Run in October. It would definitely not have been as fun without him! He kept everyone upbeat and excited in spite of the rain! Roy, you are invaluable!

Bob Ward.png


Bob Ward

Bob has taken the initiative to start “Motors 4 Moms” – a new program to acquire used vehicles for Step By Step clients who have a proven need for better access to reliable transportation.

“Motors 4 Moms” will help clients achieve their next steps in seeking self sustainability and higher employment opportunities. Two cars have already been donated to clients!

Kim Ray.jpg


Kim & Ray Sparks

Kim & Ray have generously donated their time and energy to transport  Step By Step’s donated items from the Eastside Baby Corner. Every week, they drive up with their truck and pick up these much needed items for our clients.

They have also volunteered time to sort supplies and organize our storage facility. They participated in our 5k Walk/Run and help with our annual Family Christmas Celebration.



Fred Volkers

Fred is a founder of Plumbers Without Borders and a long time supporter of Step By Step,  recently helped a family whose water heater had broken and they could not afford to replace it. Fred recognized the need and not only installed a new water heater for them, but donated the cost!



Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank is hosting a community wide diaper drive for Step By Step at all 27 of their store locations in the Puget Sound area! Umpqua Bank volunteers have also helped us put together our Bringing Baby Home packages! We are so thankful for their ongoing support and partnership with our organization! Thank You!


Eastside Baby Corner.png


Eastside Baby Corner

Eastside Baby Corner is a national organization that has recently accepted Step By Step into their program as a Family Assistance Provider Partner. They help provide us with donated items for our clients. Everything from diapers, clothes, formula, toys, cribs, layettes, and the list goes on and on. We are so excited about this partnership and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our clients and their families!

Clear Channel.png


Clear Channel Radio

Clear Channel Radio has generously aired Public Service Announcements on their radio stations to help us get the word out about our services! They are also going to help us generate awareness for our upcoming community-wide diaper drive.

We have already had a few moms-in-need connect with us for support, because they heard about us on the radio. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of moms and babies in your community!





Yanessa is a former client.  She now donates on a monthly basis to help support Step By Step.  She is an avid "couponer," and she buys basic necessities in bulk, such as toothpaste, deodorant, etc so she can give the extras to help other moms.  She has two daughters now, and donates her children's clothes and toys as they outgrow them. She says she greatly appreciates the help that Step By Step gave her when she was a client, and she wants to be a part of helping other moms, as they work to better their own lives for their children. 


Roychelle Pic.jpg



Roychelle is a previous client and has two children. She works for Lutheran Community Services and has a passion to care for and help others. As a low income mom, she works hard to provide for her family. Extremely wise and thrifty with her money, she is a caring and good role model for other moms facing similar challenges. She has accepted the responsibility of being the houseparent and living with moms at our new housing residence in Tukwila. She hopes this experience will continue to allow her to grow and learn and that she can help others, as they seek to provide healthy and happy homes for their children.





Sammie is a previous client and hard working mother of two. She is recognized for her master couponing and her many artistic abilities. She often sells her crafts at local art shows.

Sammie has a huge heart and is always looking for ways to be generous and to give back. Sammie’s family participated in Step By Step’s walk-a-thon last May. She then joined the drama troupe that performed for Step By Step’s Fall Celebration event in October. She also recently volunteered at our fundraising dinner and auction.

Over the past year, Sammie has donated copious amounts of gently used clothing and baby items to help other moms. She crafted glass ornaments with Step By Step’s logo suspended inside as Christmas presents for some staff members. She also has plans to sell her crafts on-line and donate proceeds to help support Step By Step.


2011 Champions of the Month

Althea Sanders.png
GNO Group2.png


Janis Hanson & Althea and Michael Sanders

Janis, Althea, and Michael were key leaders in orchestrating our South Christmas Celebrations. It is volunteers like these that make these events possible for our clients each year.

GNO Group & Just Cuz

The GNO group, along with members from the local Just Cuz band, helped make the Jell-O parfaits for our Christmas dinner this year. This is GNO’s 5th year helping out!

Hannah Rogers.png


Hannah Rogers

Thanks to Hannah’s wonderful organizational skills and passion to serve, the 2011 North Christmas party was the largest and best ever!


Margaret Toup.png


Margaret Toop & Drama Troupe

Margaret & Jim Toop, Sammie (a client), Tina Bustamante, Bob & Flo King, Dan Clabots, Kimber Toop, Vicki Carlson and Gail Danforth performed a drama – “Building Home Sweet Home,” at our October Fall Celebration. The skit, although humorous, depicted a very real look at some of the everyday challenges facing our clients.  

The play emphasized and illustrated the impact Step By Step can have on the lives of women and their families as we serve to help them deliver a healthy baby, start building a safe home and learn positive parenting and life skills.




Randy & Miles Arndt

Randy and Miles helped one of our client families move, which included spending over eight hours cleaning the apartment and moving household items.




Dan Shin

Anderson Law Firm
Real Estate Attorney

Jim Choi

ReMax Commercial
Merger & Acquisitions

Dan & Jim worked pro-bono to help us in exploring and negotiating the possibility of being able to expand our services by relocating at a new location.




David Heither

David and a few of his friends secured washer and dryer appliances for two apartments. They also helped deliver and install them for our very grateful housing clients!




City Gate Youth

City Gate Youth teamed up to help serve the meal and provide child activities during our recent life skills classes. They were also a huge help in running this year's Family BBQ & free yard sale for our clients. They were instrumental in making this event run smoothly. They helped make this day extra special for our clients.


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 2.11.48 PM.png


Lighthouse Christian Center

Lighthouse held a yard sale and donated all of their proceeds to support Step by Step programs. They generously donated over $4,600 which will help provide services to over 460 moms and babies! 

We cannot express how thankful we are for Lighthouse's continuing partnership with our organization. They have volunteered their time, talents and treasures to help support our mission again and again. Thank you to every one at Lighthouse who has given of their time, talents, and treasures to make a difference in the lives of the women and families we serve!

Kiwanis_Key Club.jpg


Northshore Kiwanis

Northshore Kiwanis teamed up with members from their local high school Key Club to hold a diaper drive for Step by Step. They collected $2,500 worth of baby supplies from the drive. They also fundraised $585.00 from Safeway customers. Thank you Sue Busky for orchestrating the drive!

Bethany Bible Women's Group

The Bethany Bible women's group also held a diaper drive, collecting over 2,000 diapers as well as baby wipes and formula. Many of these items have already been a huge blessing to our clients.


Barry Lindgren.jpg


Mark & Meridee Heimlich

In March, Barry, Mark, Meridee, and some local teens helped move 4 of our client families in only 3 days! The group helped the families move out of and clean their old apartments and then helped them move into their new apartments!

Barry Lindgren & Abbey Carpet

Barry Lindgren’s Abbey Carpet Truck was used to transport items. He has used his truck on many occasions to help us move our clients.

Kristen Jacka_Office_champ.jpg


Kristen Jacka

Kristen volunteers every week in our office, and she serves as one of our community meeting mentors. Kristen is also currently mentoring a client to help her pass her GED test! Our office staff says she is "an absolute gem!"



Stan & Pam Burwell

Stan & Pam were absolutely invaluable volunteers on our auction committee this year! They procured the most items for the event and volunteered as hosts for two tables. They were a huge part of our event's success!

Meet Our Volunteer Champions:

Ira & Cathy Falkin

Ira & Cathy are members of our Housing committee. They have also driven thousands of miles to help our clients with transportation and to deliver household items & goods, food and toys. They have also helped us with our recent events including our auction and Family Christmas celebrations.

Christy Coburn

Christy made and donated a handmade quilt for our auction. She also helped all day on Saturday, the day of our auction - setting up for the auction and then being one of our volunteers that evening. She then spent over 6 hours on Sunday helping to reconcile all payments, receipts and bid sheets.

Roger & Janet Carson

Roger & Janet have helped many of our clients with moves. They have transported hundreds of boxes of food, toys and household items to help and support our clients and their families.  And, they have been a tremendous help at our Summer BBQ and Free Yard Sale the past two summers. Janet is signed up as an active team member for the Miles for Mentors 5K Walk/Run this May.

Steve & Carlene Schneider

Steve has been a board members of Step by Step and co-chaired our Auction committee the past 2 years.  Steve and his wife Carlene helped procure auction donations and hosted a table at the event. They were also a great help with the auction set up.

Rob Martin & Sarah Cecil-Martin

Rob & Sarah have attended our auctions for several years, and this year they decided to become members of our Auction committee. They hosted 2 tables, helped procure auction donations, and provided a wonderful photographer to capture the evening on film. (you can see his handy work on our Events page)

Stafford Loveland

Stafford is a long time Step By Step supporter. He is a member of the Step By Step board. He was on our Auction committee, procured auction donations, and hosted a table for the event.

Fred & Judy Volkers

Fred & Judy are long time Step by Step supporters. They are on our Housing committee. They made & donated table favors for decorations at our auction and helped set up for the event. They also helped procure donations and hosted a table.