"When a mom sees hope for her future, she can be unstoppable."


Dear Friends,

The media tends to portray low income and single moms as powerless victims of their situations, and they judge them for it. But, at Step By Step, we know better.

This past year, we have walked alongside moms who have beaten addictions, emerged out of homelessness, changed their lifestyle and eating habits for the better. We’ve watched them graduate college, get career level jobs, free themselves from domestic violence, break generational cycles of poverty and abuse, and fight hard for a better future for their children.

We are a society that is always looking for answers. We want to know how to change our neighborhoods and our communities for the better. We want to know how to ensure that our futures are safe and that the next generation is strong and ready to lead.

What if every child was raised in a safe and healthy home, by a mother who loved and cared and fought for their well being and their future? How would our world be different?

We believe mothers have the power to dramatically change and empower their families and our communities. This is what keeps us going. We know these moms can do it, and we see their potential to leave a lasting legacy through the lives of their children.

Your generosity and support helps moms see hope for their future and gives them the resources they need to have a healthy pregnancy, embrace positive parenting, and establish safe and secure homes and futures for themselves and their children. I am so thankful for you!

As we enter this holiday season and celebrate with gifts to our loved ones, please consider a special financial gift to support our work at Step By Step. Together, we will continue to break cycles of poverty and abuse, build brighter futures for children, and see stronger and healthier families and communities. 



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Krista Linden
Step By Step Founder & Executive Director


~ Thank You for helping us bring hope and health to mothers and babies for over 18 years! ~