One Day - in the Life of a Difference Maker


Dear Friends,

Psychiatrist Dr. James Comer once said that “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.”   This is especially true for Step By Step’s professional team of nurses and counselors.  They are on the front lines of the work we do, fostering relationships with women whose hands rock the cradle of the most significant relationship of all time, the relationship between a mother and her child. They walk alongside moms during the most critical and impactful moments, from the beginning of her pregnancy through the first year of her baby’s life.  

Most of the women who come to Step By Step desire with every fiber of their being to be a good mother.  One of our counselors expressed that “many of the challenges our clients are facing are not of their doing, but a result of poor influences from their parents or other adults in their lives.” 

Another one of our counselors says she defines success by her ability to help a mom discover hope for her future, because she recognizes that “when a mom has no hope, she will parent and behave differently than when she has hope.” Hope impacts our choices, and hope so often comes from relationship. It comes from relationships with people who truly believe in us. Hearing “You can do it” is so simple, and yet so very powerful.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each member of our professional team for everything they do for the women we serve. It is our mission that these moms will take positive steps, so their babies will be born healthy into safe and loving homes.

Each member of our team has gone above and beyond their job description more often than I could ever keep track of.  I often hear them talk about how humbling it is to see their clients’ perseverance and courage in the face of tremendous odds. I am equally humbled by each case manager and the incredible gift they are to every mom and baby they develop a relationship with. Every day, those relationships open doors for learning and growing, but most of all they open doors to hope. Thank you!

~ Krista

Krista Linden, Executive Director & Founder

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