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Motors 4 Moms

Motors 4 Moms is a grassroots program, run primarily by volunteers. This program executes small fundraisers to help financially support the acquisition and maintenance of used and donated cars that we can then provide to those clients who have a proven and demonstrated need for more effective transportation.

Members work with local individuals and dealerships to acquire vehicles. They then help tune up the cars, educate clients on how to care for their vehicles, and assist with maintenance as needed.



- Racing For Moms -


The Need

We recognize that as the women we serve progress, their access to reliable and affordable transportation becomes more and more influential on their success. Having reliable transportation allows clients to become economically self-sufficient and better able to care for themselves and their families. Particularly as they begin to seek higher employment opportunities, having reliable and flexible transportation becomes more and more crucial to their success. Occasionally, vehicles are donated to Step By Step, but the number of clients with needs outweighs the availability of resources.

Some clients need a car and can afford to operate, maintain, and insure it, but can’t come up with the money to purchase one. A gift of a car gets them over a major hurdle in their progress toward a better life. For our clients that need to build a credit history, we can offer the opportunity to purchase a car they need at a very low price with small payments that fit their limited means. 

Occasionally, cars are donated to Step By Step, but the number of clients who need them outweighs the number of cars donated. Our goal is to seek out additional donations and to acquire suitable cars on the open market.

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The Races

Members of Motors 4 Moms organize and conduct slot car racing fundraisers. For a small fee or by donation, members of the general public have an opportunity to drive a scale model sports car in a race on our track.  It’s great fun for kids and adults alike and a fun attraction at almost any kind of public event.  

We also cooperate in any way we can with other kinds of fundraising events that members or the general public hold to support Motors 4 Moms – all ideas are welcome!


Join The Team

The Crew Chiefs 

The Crew Chiefs are passionate and knowledgeable about the project. They are leaders who help at promotional/fundraising events by coordinating volunteers,  talking with the public, handing out literature, and encouraging people to donate cars, contribute cash, or volunteer their time and effort.

The PR Crew 

The PR Crew makes contacts with car-related businesses and enlists their participation and contributions of products and services. Car dealers, repair shops, detail shops, auto supply stores, auto glass shops, tire stores, and businesses selling child and baby car seats and other needed items all have something to offer. It’s fun and it is easier than it sounds. All informational material will be provided.

The Marketing Crew 

The Marketing Crew helps us get our message out! We need writers, artists, photographers, videographers, web designers, and others (professional or amateur) to create literature, signs, and web content, and to use social networking sites to get our story out. Also, members will help keep supporting local community members, businesses, and groups updated about news and opportunities to be involved.

The Race Crew 

The Race Crew is present at our slot car racing fundraisers. The Race crew manages the race and includes the race director/announcer, crowd management, line management, setup and takedown. Experience with slot cars and tracks is a plus, but no experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know!  You may also have the opportunity to assist at other kinds of fundraisers.

The Pit Crew 

The Pit Crew is made up of experienced and amateur automotive specialists. If you are a trained auto technician, experienced car buyer, detailer, or just someone who is a good shade tree mechanic, or if you just want to wash, polish, and vacuum out cars, consider joining the Pit Crew.


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Do you have a car to donate? Make a lasting difference in the life of a mom and her baby. 

For more information or to join the Motors 4 Moms team contact us:

by Phone
(253) 896-0903

or E-mail


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Pictured Left: 

Our first client to receive her car from the Motors 4 Moms program!



For more information or to join the Motors 4 Moms team contact:

(253) 896-0903 or e-mail motors4moms@stepbystepnews.org