Hope And Health For Moms

Having a baby is an exciting and challenging experience. But, for a woman without the resources she needs, and lacking stability and support in her own life, becoming a mom and caring for a newborn can feel insurmountable.

Step By Step brings hope and health to these vulnerable women by providing the resources and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home. We help each mom put her best foot forward, encouraging each positive step she takes towards establishing a healthy home for herself and her baby.

Are you pregnant?

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If you are struggling to prepare and provide for your baby, we can help you. Your first step is right here. Click here.

At Step By Step, we believe that mothers have the power to dramatically change and empower our families and communities. They are growing our next generation of families, and we want to help them be successful and thrive.


Capital Campaign: Legacy In Motion Project

Our Next Big Step

Together, we are preparing to take our next big step in building healthier and stronger families and communities.

Click here to learn more about our project to expand our program to offer mentorship and job training for the women we serve.

Step By Step Greenhouse

Our First Greenhouse

While Step By Step was only able to purchase a small amount of the surrounding farmland at our new site, we are working to preserve some of the agricultural roots of this prior farm's rich history. Our first greenhouse opened on April 28, 2018.

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