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Krista Linden, Founder & Executive Director

Krista Linden, Founder & Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Last week, I lay down on the solid, concrete foundation of the building we are renovating for our Legacy In Motion project, and I looked up.

It was a surreal moment, one I had been anticipating for years. Before, all you could see was a blank ceiling, beneath what used to be a second story. It wasn’t until the demolition team removed the second story floor that I could see all the way up to the beautiful wood trusses and vaulted ceiling above.

It took my breath away to see this dream finally start to take visible shape. Lying there reminded me of those times as a child, when I would lie on the grass and look up into the sky. Most of us can remember childhood moments like that, when we were carefree and daydreamed about our future, about who we would be or what we would do. The possibilities seemed endless.

I began to think about the women we’ve worked with over the past 20 years. For too many of them, those childhood moments were fleeting or did not exist at all. Obstacles, suffering, emotional or physical traumas defined their daily struggle. Their childhoods became less and less about dreams, reduced to sheer survival. When they faltered or failed, there wasn’t someone there to help them back up, to remind them that they could do it, that they mattered. And, they stopped looking up.

Now, faced with the opportunity to love and speak life into the heart and mind of a child, they struggle. They want to be for their child the person they needed when they were younger. But, they lack confidence. They don’t know what a healthy family looks, feels, or sounds like. This overwhelming challenge can feel paralyzing.

As I was lying on that concrete floor, I thought about how this construction process is so representative of the work that we are doing in the lives of the women we serve. We have to help them heal, to reinforce and strengthen their foundations, and to break down the barriers that keep them from seeing beyond the obstacles they face to a hopeful future. Our first step is helping them to look up!

I am so excited to see this vision for our future, and how we will be able to better serve and equip the mothers who need us, begin to take form. This place is being transformed into one that will braid the tangible needed skills of job training and workforce development with the intangible social and emotional supportive services necessary to holistically strengthen the lives and families of vulnerable women. We don’t just want them to become more stable and economically self-sufficient. We want them to become strong mothers who break generational cycles of poverty and abuse, whose children are healthy, strong, ready, and who will instinctively and ambitiously look up.

As we approach the close of another year, we are not skipping a beat. We need to finish this year strong and keep running and pushing forward into the New Year. In 2019, Step By Step will experience enormous programmatic growth and new opportunities to speak love and hope and life into the lives of vulnerable women and children.  

I need you to know that we absolutely would not be in this place at this point without you and your faithful support. I am so thankful for each one of you. As we move into another year of service and the next phase of our Legacy In Motion project, I’d like to ask you to consider two things.

First, please consider an End of Year financial gift, so we can start this next transformational year strong. Second, consider a monthly commitment to support Step By Step, as we work to aggressively launch new programs and services, by financially supporting our work throughout this next year. 


We are living in an age of subscriptions. Everywhere you look, retailers, entertainers, advertisers want you to “subscribe”! But, what would happen if we made a point of subscribing to social change in our community. I want to challenge our Step By Step family to “subscribe here” for stronger women, children, families, and communities.

Look up! with us, to 2019. 

With gratitude, 

Krista Linden
Founder & Executive Director